5 Organisation Apps That Will Enrich Your Business

Technology is at the forefront of our lives and from a business point of view, technology is the answer to many of our prayers. One such area of business that technology can greatly can help with, is organization, an absolute key to the success of business.

If you are organized in terms of your business, you are going to ensure that you are running at a high level, being incredibly efficient and managing your team in an effective way. In order to be better at organization, here are some of the best apps that you can use to take your organization to the next level.


Project management apps don’t get much better than Trello, an application which can be used for both the management of individuals, and for team projects. With this app, you can break projects down into small tasks and assign them to different members of your team through the use of ‘cards’. Each card can be given a time limit and additional information so that you can manage the project in fine detail. This app not only enables you to keep an eye on every aspect of your project, it also gives you team crystal clear, and highly detailed instructions.


As far as to-do list apps go, they don’t get much better than Wanderlist. This app allows you to create many different to-do lists and share them amongst your team via the cloud. If you want to keep it simple in terms of which tasks your team needs to complete, this is the application which you need.


Evernote is, at its most basic level, an app that allows you to create easy notes and share them with your team. What Evernote does so well however is the way in which you can create the notes, giving you the ability to clip things from the internet, leave voice memos and between you and your team, you can alter and tweak notes as you go.

Awesome Note

Awesome note is like the Swiss Army Knife of organizational applications and here you can add to-do lists, notes, and even manage projects. This app is really the ultimate organizer for you and your business. Most all-in-one apps like this don’t really differ from one to the next but what really helps Awesome Note to stand out, is the user interface. The app is color coded and features a very easy to use interface which is perfect for managing your business and the daily tasks that you need to complete.


Time management is something incredibly important to all businesses and with this app, you can manage time at a micro level. The reason for the name, 30/30, is because the app breaks your day down into 30 minute segments where you can place various tasks to be handled. I love the simplicity of this application and you and your team will too.

If you are looking at improving your organization, look no further than these fantastic applications.