Don’t Let Bad Weather Spoil Your Holiday Plans

Holidays can often be rather stressful experiences. Of course, they’re supposed to be fun and relaxing, but when you have to deal with travelling, packing, getting the family ready and sorting out insurance, hotels, itineraries, etc. they can quickly feel like work.

One element that can cause some stress during a holiday is the weather, particularly if it’s unseasonably cold, raining or stormy. But you needn’t let the weather completely ruin your trip, with a few simple tips you can make sure the holiday is fun, whatever the weather:

  1. Don’t travel during peak periods

It’s not always possible to avoid peak periods, particularly if you’re limited to school holidays or you’re travelling during a holiday period such as Christmas. If you can however, try and avoid the peak times as much as possible. This could even mean simply travelling very early in the morning on a weekday rather than a weekend. By doing this, you leave yourself options if your flight or train is delayed due to weather, and if you’re driving you won’t have to deal with traffic on top of the snow, ice or rain.

  1. Be as prepared as possible

Check the weather forecasts regularly and as early as you can, so if there is going to be bad weather you can at least prepare for it. If you know what the weather is going to be, you can pack suitable clothing and eyewear – for example polarized lenses are a good option if you’re going to be driving in the snow, so pack your Ray-Ban glasses! Similarly, by being aware of any potential storms or severe weather conditions ahead of time, you have time to come up with a suitable backup plan, which leads us nicely to tip number three…

  1. Have a backup plan

If the weather really is extreme, then you want to have enough time to look at other options. You might be able to fly from a different location, or even look at taking a bus or train instead. You could even look at changing destinations if you really can’t cope with the weather that’s being predicted.

  1. Make it an adventure

If you’re travelling with the family and unexpected bad weather is predicted, then just try and make the best of it. Pack games and other things to keep the kids occupied if your travel is delayed or you need to stay in the hotel for a couple of days, or just plan activities around the weather. Instead of going to the beach, go to the cinema or the zoo, or even go skiing if the snow is falling! By looking on the bright side, you can still make it a holiday to remember, even if the weather tries to ruin your plans.