Family Friendly Activities in Florida

Walt Disney World, Orlando

It would be incomplete to visit Florida without a stop at Disney World! Hands down one of the best theme parks in the world for kids, Disney World is where fairy tales literally come true.

In addition to 4 theme parks, the park has a camping resort, 2 water parks, and a barbecue restaurant—a lot of fun!

Even a week isn’t enough time to explore all this park has to offer—do what Walt Disney World does best, go on all the rides, collect autographs from the Disney characters, feel at home in everything it offers!

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Kennedy Space Center, Titusville

The Kennedy Space Center is ideal for a memorable outing that combines learning with fun, and kids can get to know all about world exploration and the space race.

It’s easy for your kids to get interested in all things space-related with the many attractions at the Kennedy Space Center.

Do not forget to try out the space shuttle simulator. You would really get a taste of what it was like to be an astronaut inside NASA’s iconic Atlantis. You can also catch a shuttle launch and snag some souvenirs.

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Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola

Why not visit the world’s largest naval museum for cheap family fun? In fact, it is free, and it’s not just affordable; it is worth visiting!

In addition to learning how aircraft work inside the flight simulator and doing a detailed tour inside the aircraft, kids can explore the 150-plus attractions on display.

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Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, Key West

A gift of the Key West Conservatory is the presence of hundreds of butterflies, flocks of birds (flamingos too!) and flowers in their natural habitat.

The Learning Center is not only fun but it is also a good place for young minds to learn how a butterfly goes through the whole metamorphosis process, including the ways it eats, breeds, and migrates.

A picturesque and relaxing space, Wings of Imagination art gallery features the work of Sam Trophia, an artist whose paintings showcase the beauty of nature.

Kelly Park, Apopka

If you’re looking for the best places to spend a day in Florida, check out Kelly Park, which features hot springs, plus tubing slides.

With its picnic areas, a playground for kids, a campground, and a concession stand, family members and tourists can easily spend a day here. The springs can also be explored by renting tubes, and one can swim, snorkel, and have water-gun fights.

If you want to get the best value, camp located at Kelly Park; the site provides families with a great home base to explore the delights of Kelly Park.