We only grow up once in our lifetimes. The memories and efforts that we invest during our youth shape our lives to the very end. Here are five funny things that every girl should try at least once in their youthful years. They might seem irreverent or weird, but they could go a long way in creating great memories.


As much as you can, take travelling expeditions with friends, family or even by yourself. It is good to see at least a part of the endless wonders of the world. For starters, it is good to seek credible information on the best places to travel in your locality as well as in foreign places. In addition, when going on a tour in a group, make certain that your company is trustworthy, reliable and real fun. This will make your experience even more pleasant as you get to know different places, cultures and climatic conditions.
Remember that when you get older and have more responsibilities you will not have a lot of free time. So utilize the time you have now and explore the world.

Try out things that scare you

Try out some funny but a bit scary activities such as bungee jumping or skiing. It is imperative you get over your fears in early age, as when you get older you shall be even fearful of the same. Also, you do not want to wish you could go rock jumping when you are in your seventies and really can’t due to age. So take the chance given by nature and do these things when the time is right for you.

Meet and interact with new people

Human to human interactions are essential to every human being. It is imperative to meet different people and to mingle with them. This can be purely friendly interactions or dating expeditions. Both are important, so do not give one priority over the other. Go out for dates at times and on other times get together with friends. This will help you understand different calibers of people and how best to deal with them.

Try on trendy styles

To be a girl you need to be trendy and stylish. You should not let all the cool trends pass you by. Try out some, at least to make a fashion statement. For instance, get clothes, shoes, or even bags and other items that are in fashion. This will ensure that you do not look out of place amongst your own mates. It also helps in improving your confidence and acceptability in the society.

Go out to clubs and dances

There are fewer things that can be compared to the perfect night out from Hunks for a young girl. Go out, experience party life and learn how it all works. This allows you time to relax and forget your daily routines, which are usually tiresome and busy. You need that time to relax, and meet friends and strangers, so go out, party, and enjoy your youth while it lasts.