Must-dos in Chennai those are too good to be missed out

Chennai is not just a place in India that is known to be part of southern part of India but is definitely way more than that which is why it is often found to be part of a number of bucket lists. The capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is definitely known for its amazing sea coasts, beaches, and amazing seafood. The site of attraction just doesn’t stop there though; it is also a perfect rendition of the rich culture, heritage, and history with the presence of amazing temples, churches, and even museums.

From indulging in water sports to having a quick stroll through the serene beaches, Chennai is a spot of tourist attraction and attracts tourists and travellers all year around. With the Chennai International Airport housing majority of international flights all year round, your Dubai to Chennai flights or from anywhere around the globe could easily be booked any time of the year. Just, ensure to finish the bookings a bit beforehand to avail the amazing offers and discounts that last minute bookings won’t bring you.

Without further stretching, let us focus on the list of things you can indulge in while in Chennai.

Explore the Marina Beach

Whenever one mentions Chennai as a tourist spot, the mention of Marina Beach is definitely going to top the charts as always, primarily because of its amazing view and the associated surroundings. The rolling gush of the waves along with the picturesque beauty of the surroundings definitely cracks the deal.

Get your beach attire on and just revel in the beauty of the beach and get ready to be allured.

A quick stroll through the Thalankuppam Pier

If you are on the search for a therapeutic experience, a visit to the Thalankuppam Pier can get that covered for you. It is a very aloof and quaint yet serene destination located in and around the metropolis, it is also the place where the Thalankuppam River goes and meshes into the sea.

This place is amazing for people who want to lay low and have a quiet and peaceful experience through their visit.

Visit the Mahabalipuram Temples

The town of Mahabalipuram is the rendition of the vivid and rich store of history and culture depicting the area. Built way back in the year 1827, this is definitely every history lover’s dream. It is littered with a wide range of temples and monuments that showcase the history and culture and the archaeological beauty of the place.

Been declared as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mahabalipuram is definitely one of those towns in Chennai that can give you the taste of what the entirety of the city is all about.

Make sure to try out the cuisine of Chennai because even that can keep you on the edge with their pungent, sour and unique flavours. The next time you are here in Chennai, ensure to try at least one or two of these above mentioned to add to the experience of the trip.