Safety Tips for Using Public Transport in a Pandemic

For those who do not have their own transport, getting to work or anywhere else that you might need to be is definitely scarier than usual during a global pandemic. While public transport is still running and safety measures are in place to keep passengers safe, it is normal to feel a little bit apprehensive about sitting on a bus or train with several strangers. If you need to travel to work or another essential place during COVID-19, here are some tips to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Book a Taxi

If it is possible to do so, a Twickenham taxi might be the better option for getting around if you are worried about being close to several different people. With a taxi, you’ll get your own private ride and taxi firms are doing everything that they can to protect their passengers including regular deep cleaning of vehicles, and cleaning seats and other high-touch areas like door handles and seatbelts in between every ride. Choose a reputable cap company that you know is going above and beyond to keep drivers and passengers safe. Bear in mind that it is now mandatory in the UK to wear a face covering when using a taxi, unless you are medically exempt from doing so.

Travel at Off-Peak Times

If you can, travelling when there’s less of a demand for the service is usually the best option, since there will be less people on the vehicles. Off-peak times of the day when most people are going to already be at work or have returned home from work are usually when public transport services like buses and trains are at their emptiest, making it easier for you to social distance.

Carry Disinfectant Wipes

Although buses, trains, trams and other public transport vehicles are regularly deep cleaned at the depot, they may not always be cleaned in between passengers who get off at different stops. While remaining standing on the service is a good way to ensure that you don’t come into contact with potentially contaminated seats and other surfaces, it’s not always possible for some people or when on a long journey. Carrying some disinfectant wipes in your bag means that you can quickly wipe down seats before you sit on them and provide you with some peace of mind.

Keep Your Hands Clean and Avoid Touching Your Face

One of the most common ways that the coronavirus has spread is through people touching contaminated surfaces and then touching their face. If you are using public transport, along with wearing a face covering, you should avoid touching your face at all until you have had the chance to completely wash your hands. Carry hand sanitiser with you at all times and use it regularly, especially after touching surfaces that could have been touched by anybody before you.

Using public transport in a pandemic comes with some risks, but the good news is that there are several things that you can do to protect your health while getting to where you need to be.