Countless online advertisements claim to help you lose weight with little or no effort. While some claim that they can help you shed 20 pounds in 20 days, others claim that you need not change your eating habits in the process. Today, the fitness industry in the US makes close to $20 billion each year through weight loss surgery the sales of , DVDs, tools, and supplements.

The belief that you can get lasting results from short-term actions is one of the reasons a lot of people fall victim to these weight-loss scams. As a result, we have put together the 3 common myths on losing bodyweight below:

1. ALL CALORIES ARE EQUAL: There is a common belief that every form of calorie is the same but this is only true to a certain extent. This hinges on the belief that every form of calorie contains the same energy levels. However, this fails to consider the diverse effects that these different calorie sources have on body weight. A fitness expert stated that our bodies process calories from different foods in different ways.

An example will be the way our bodies process carb-calories and protein-calories. Protein calories help in enhancing the body’s metabolism and the efficiency of the hormones that regulate our body weight. Hence, helping decrease cravings- a crucial part of the recipe for a dieters’ success. Also, refined products like snacks with lots of sugar tend to be less filling than calories from unprocessed foods. This shows that calorie counting in diet plans is insufficient without paying attention to the quality of the calorie.

Some people opt for the use of products like steroids to enhance weight loss. However, others shy away from this idea because they think purchasing steroids may be illegal. The good news for those of you in the latter category is that you can legally buy steroids from anywhere you find yourself.

2. SNACKING IS A TERRIBLE IDEA FOR THOSE LOOKING TO LOSE WEIGHT: A fitness expert stated that eating healthy snacks after meals can help prevent excessive eating during regular meals. A lot of dietitians often advise people looking to lose weight to lower their daily food intake. They believe that eating a smaller quantity of food five times a day is healthier than eating more three times daily.

Most people looking to lose weight avoid the concept of eating snacks between meals because they only think about sugary snacks like cookies, etc. However, you should know that eating healthy snacks such as nuts, yogurt, or veggie sticks, etc. in small quantities will not reduce the impact of your weight loss plan.

3. LESS FOOD, MORE ACTIVITY: This is a common belief in the fitness world. This seems to be a good idea since body fat is simply stored calories. The logic behind this common belief is that you will lose weight if you consume fewer calories than you burn. While this seems like a great idea, you should know that it may only be a short-term solution.

Experts advise that people should work closely with their doctors before making any changes to their diets. Staying healthy should not be overlooked in your journey to staying fit. Hence, there is a need to seek professional support to understand how your body will react to any diet modifications.

Also, you should know that any diet modification is only a small part of your overall weight loss process as you will need to combine it with exercise for optimum results.