How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Caused by Tonsil Infections


You may be already aware of the symptoms caused by tonsil infections. Typically you’ll see those suffering from them experience inflammation around the tonsils, making it difficult for them to eat and talk.

This is the main symptom but what you may not have noticed, unless you have had or been around someone with a tonsil infection, is that bad breath can also be experienced, particularly with tonsil stones.

Because the bacteria that causes these infections also produce sulfur, they can cause an awful smell. The smell can be so bad in fact that it can be obviously noticed by others in close proximity to one another, and this might also lead some people to ask the question are tonsil stones contagious.

Which can of course can lead to ridicule and hurting of the person’s self-esteem, often forcing them to avoid social situations. I don’t think anyone should have to go through this so in this article I have shown you what steps you can take to get rid of the bad breath cause by tonsil stones and tonsillitis.

Antibacterial Mouthwash

In order to help fight off the sulfur producing bacteria that is the culprit of your problem, I recommend gargling an antibacterial mouthwash on a daily basis. By doing so you’ll limit its ability to worsen your infection and cause bad breath.

It doesn’t matter which kind of mouthwash you use, in terms of store-bought or homemade. Both will work just fine, however if you are experiencing inflammation along with your bad breath then you might want to try an apple cider vinegar gargle.

This solution has been shown to be very effective at aiding this symptom. It’s also one of the more commonly used methods for treating and reducing the tonsil stones smell.

But if you want to go down the store-bought route then make sure you get one that does not contain any alcohol, as this could make the problems worse, but does contain Chlorine Dioxide and Zinc Compounds as they have been shown to be very effective at fighting off sulfur producing bacteria.

Stay Hydrated

The bacteria that causes your bad breath is able to breed and thrive within a low oxygen environment. This means that by not staying hydrated (not drinking enough water) you’ll be playing right into its hands and effectively help it make your problem worse.

This of course is not what you’re wanting so you need to make some changes to your diet to make sure you’re meeting your body’s needs.

The exact amount that you need to be drinking will depend on a few factors; your height, your weight, your diet; and your activity level. These all effect how much water you need to drink each day so don’t feel the need to follow the “8 glasses per day” mantra.

This isn’t necessary and could be doing you some harm (although that is unlikely).

There are plenty of online calculators to help get an accurate measurement for your needs. Just take a quick look on google and you’ll find one.

Oral Probiotics

You may need to go out and buy these especially but they can be very helpful in improving your oral hygiene. It does this by introducing good, healthy bacteria to your mouth to fight off the bad, harmful bacteria that is causing you problems.

For this particular situation I recommend getting one that contains the bacteria S. Salivarius K12. This bacteria has been shown to be very effective at fighting off harmful bacteria, especially if you’re dealing with tonsil infections.

To take it mix about 1 tablespoon of the probiotic to 1 glass of clean water and take a sip. Tilt your head back slightly, so it reaches your tonsils, and begin swirling it around your mouth.

After about 15 seconds, spit the mixture out and continue with the rest of the glass. After you’ve finished the bacteria content around your tonsils will be greatly reduced.

Final Words

Hopefully now that you have read through my article, your bad breath stops being as big a problem. Having bad breath can be way more demoralising than most people realise so I hope my article will help you get through it.