How to Prepare for the Ultimate Road Trip


Road trips are freeing and thrilling. You can make a custom trip to all your favorite destinations and make memories with your friends or family that will last a lifetime. The only downside to the epic road trip adventure is the long drive times between destinations. Highway roads can become monotonous, and sitting in cramped conditions will get tiring and even aggravating after a while. That is why how you prepare for your road trip is almost as important as where you go. The more comfortable you are in the car, the more you can enjoy the highlights of your trip to the fullest.

Create the Ultimate Playlist

What’s a road trip without a montage-worthy playlist accompanying it? Building this playlist, of course, is far from easy. It isn’t just a few hours worth of music, after all; it’s days! Thankfully there are so many different tools out there to help you find the right songs for your journey. You can start by searching for playlists others have made, then search through the recommended songs list, and, of course, you can go to YouTube.

If in doubt, start first by searching for songs that have been used in road trip montages in your favorite films. As YouTube has a very good recommended selection, you can usually find and compile a list of great songs for your road trip. All you need to do then is use the MP3 recorder for YouTube at to get that song from YouTube to your media player, and you’re all set!

Prepare Healthy and Car-Friendly Snacks

It can be all too tempting to rely solely on fast food when you are on the road, but this carries its own dangers. For one, the last thing any nauseous passenger wants in the car is the smell of fried food. Wrappers and garbage can also build up, and the high salt content of fast food can really hurt your health and your comfort when on the road. Instead, pack healthy snacks that won’t stink up the car and ideally won’t leave too many crumbs. Protein bars are a good idea, as are fruits, and even popcorn. This way everyone can manage their hunger and maintain a clean and fresh-smelling vehicle for the duration of their trip.

Bring Plenty of Creature Comforts

Pillows and blankets are a must on long car rides, as are more modern day creature comforts like chargers to keep your passengers powered up and ready to go. The biggest mistake, after all, is to assume that you and your friends will have a non-stop conversation. There will be lulls and breaks, and having entertainment ready to go can help everyone stay happy and settled.

Make a Note of All Rest Stops and Scenic Lookouts

Another mistake is to assume that road trips are all about the destination. Not only will this make the drive uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. That’s why it is a good idea to make a note of all the rest stops and lookouts are on your route. By getting out often, you can stretch your legs, keep fuelled, and make the entire trip more enjoyable.

Road trips are all about the journey, and with these tips, you can improve the quality of your journey and make the entire experience a wonderful one.