How to Prepare for A Home Move

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The time has come for you to prepare your home for a big move, and you are undoubtedly stressed out because of it. After all, the idea of packing everything you own in a short amount of time will seem daunting to anyone. However, it doesn’t have to be and here are four tips to follow to make your move a breeze.

De-cluttering every single room should be step number one, as the chances are that you do not need to take everything with you, especially when you haven’t used something for ages. Next, you should give yourself time to pack, hire a moving company and plan your future room arrangements ahead of time. For further help, read the following advice on how to truly prepare for moving home.


Go through the various rooms in your current home and make a box for items you should donate or get rid of. You do not always need to bring everything with you, and this will also make your move much easier. De-cluttering your home will make the space feel more open, but you will also give someone else the opportunity to enjoy what you once did if you donate the item. This can include clothes, home décor pieces, and possibly even some furniture if your new home layout will not work well with it.

Pack ahead of time

Packing ahead of time will save you a lot of headaches the closer you get to moving day! The chances are that you already know the date weeks (if not months) in advance. Why not spend an hour every single day, or every other day, packing your items in boxes? Just remember to leave a few things out that you will need, such as a few pairs of clothes, so you do not have to start unboxing what you have so carefully organized.

Hire a moving company

No matter where you are currently located or where you are moving to, hiring a moving company will make your life much easier. It will make the move itself quicker, especially because you will not have to go back and forth between the two places as much. The chances of you owning a car that is big enough to transport all of your furniture are slim, so this is reason enough to hire the professionals. Doing your research, you will find companies offering these services depending on your location, with one example being Carmack Moving & Storage that offer relocation services northern Virginia.

Plan the room arrangements

The layout of your new location will be different to your current one, and you should know what spots your various furniture will go in. If you do this, the movers can also ensure that they bring the right items to the correct room, and it will even save you time while you unpack. Consider looking at a few online sources for inspiration if you are not yet sure how to arrange your new rooms.

Moving home should not make you feel stressed out, and nor should you leave everything to the last minute. Simply give yourself time, and you will finish everything before you know it.