Tips on how to get through a difficult breakup

Source: Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

The world of love is a difficult one. One minute you’re telling your partner you love them to the moon and back, next minute you’re fighting like cat and dog. It’s not easy to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. You’ve both been through so much together, and it can honestly be devastating to know that the time you have spent together has come to an end. Toxic relationships come and go, but the pain you feel when you lose your partner can take a while to ease. Here are the top ways that you can ease your burden as you start to move on with your life.

Speaking with others

During hard times, it may be the time to turn towards your family and friends. It’s time for you to open your mouth and start to vent to the people you know and love. Heck, if you feel confident, you could talk to a complete stranger, like one of the GFE escorts from Absolute Angels Bangkok, and know that everything you say to them will be forgotten within a few minutes of you departing.

Basically, you need to get all of your emotions out. That can only really be done if you have someone who is willing to lend an ear. The fact that you’re talking with people will make you feel validated. Yes, even if you had a hand in the break up, you can still feel a little better about yourself knowing that you had someone agree with you. Then, when you are feeling a little more emotionally stable, you can rationalise the situation and start to forgive and move on from your previous partner.

Spend time with people

The worst thing you can do is go through a relationship breakup on your own. During this time, you need all the support you can get. Whether that support is from your parents or friends, some good old fashioned tlc is the perfect thing to get you back on your feet. Spend an evening with loved ones and put your feet up for a bit. Find a sad movie, get some ice cream or chocolate, and then get ready for a good cry. Letting out the emotion will help with the “grieving” process before you are able to move on. It will also help you destress and feel better about the situation.

Take care of yourself

The self-loathing you may feel when you break up with a partner is honestly going to be one of the worst emotional pains that you have been through for quite a long time. That’s why it’s going to be more important that ever to look after yourself. Create good meal plans, take long baths or showers and, mostly important, understand that your feelings are completely valid. If you resist or try to ignore these feelings, you may find that they eventually bubble up and leave you feeling like you are the worst person in the entire world.

Honestly, you are not, you are just learning a few life lessons and are becoming a stronger person due to them. Allow the process to take place naturally. You will become a better person because of all of this hardship.

Write out your feelings

No matter how nice you are, you are probably going to have some angry or bitter feelings towards your ex partner. These are the sorts of feelings that you probably don’t want to say to your friends and family out of sheer embarrassment or awkwardness. Well, why not write them down somewhere private instead? This is what is known as “controlled mourning.” It is the process of allowing you to work out your feelings instead of burying them deep inside.

So, get a journal and start writing out what you actually think. The more you write, the better you will feel. That’s because you’re actually being honest with yourself. It is a healthy form of detox that will get your feelings out without them actually hurting them. Once you are done, you can simply hide the book or rip up the paper within it.

Obsess over something new

No one likes the idea of becoming a nice guy or nice girl after a break up. Your natural instinct is to stay close to your partner, which is why you may end up obsessing over what they do and say. You may end up “stalking” them online or try to keep an eye out for them in the street. However, this is unhealthy behaviour and you need to break away from it as soon as possible.

That’s why it’s time to throw yourself into a new project that will take up your time and distract you from the pain of your break up. Perhaps this could be a creative project, such a a painting or hobby, or maybe even throwing yourself into your job. If you focus on improving yourself mentally and physically, heck you may even take up yoga or meditation as a way to relax yourself, and keep your mind off the break up altogether, you may find yourself feeling less and less emotional. Instead, you will be fully focused on youself and how you can improve.

Feeling better?

Breakups are always difficult to handle. You and your partner have taken on the world together, so it can feel like a bit of a waste if you just let it end. But sometimes, breakups are for the best. If you didn’t break up, you would probably be in a toxic relationship and would grow to loathe your partner. That’s why it’s best to break off things whilst you are both civil. Just take your time as you learn how to enjoy spending time with yourself again. Once the pain stops hurting, you will find that you will actually have the time you need to relax and feel good about yourself again.

Good luck!