Five Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Date

A few decades ago, people had to meet in person to set up a date. Fast forward to today and people can meet and date online through various platforms. With this, people can discuss various things before they agree to go for their first date.

Thanks to technology, there are platforms where people create profiles to express their interest in meeting and dating. When there is a match between what you want and what the other person wants, you can start to talk before a date. This is the best opportunity to ask all the questions and clarifications that you want to about the other person. We will guide you on the most common questions that people ask before accepting a first date.

Are You in Another Relationship?

No matter what relationship people are looking for, they are interested to know whether the person they are about to go for a date with is in another relationship or not. Those who are looking for a serious relationship may not want to go out with someone who is involved in other relationships even if they are casual. However, those who are looking for “no strings attached” relationships may not have a problem in dating someone who is already in another relationship.

How Unique Are You?

Here, people are seeking to know the special qualities that you have and those qualities that make you different from others. Let the other person share both the positive and negative qualities that you should know. If they are not clear or giving the information that you want, guide them on exactly what you want.

How is Your Sense of Humor?

Laughter and smiles bring happiness and everyone feels good about it. You will be surprised to know that most if not all people on dating platforms who are looking for a hookup or relationship want someone with a sense of humor. When you start talking, this question will definitely come up to get an assurance. People want to know the types of jokes you can tell, how you can contribute to a joke, and how you share humorous stories, among others.

What Annoys You Most?

Of course, you need to ask this question to avoid what annoys the other person. It is very disappointing for the first date to turn sour just because you brought up an issue that put your partner off. But if you already know the boundaries, you will have a good time together.

How Do You Perceive Sex?

First, people would like to know if you have the same sex drive as them. The main reason to bring up this question to know whether the two of you will enjoy getting intimate. The other thing someone would like to know in this case is whether or not sex will be involved in the first, second, or third date. When asking this question, be as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstandings.

Final Word

These questions are important before you go out for your first date with someone you have just met. However, you can ask more questions depending on what you want to know. Make sure that the answers that you get are satisfying. Do not fail to answer the questions that the other person has for you as well.