Down Time: The Must Know Online Bingo Tips

Bingo was once a game exclusively associated with the elderly, but now, mostly thanks to the birth of online bingo sites, this is no longer the case. Bingo has soared in popularity in recent years and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Thousands of new online bingo sites are created each and every day, giving players plenty of scope to find great games. Whilst winning isn’t everything, it is of course a great feeling, and all bingo players want to maximise their chances of winning. So, to help you improve your chances of success at bingo, and to help you get the most out of the game in general, here and some tips and tricks to get you started:

Set yourself a spending budget

Playing bingo is an extremely fun and exciting hobby, which unfortunately means it can also be a little addictive. To ensure that you enjoy the game in a safe and sensible way, set yourself spending budgets ahead of playing a game. Write budgets and spending down on paper if this helps you to keep track of your finances. Doing this should help you to avoid any potential financial stress in the future, allowing you to have a better time overall.

Play a sensible number of tickets per game

Some bingo sites will allow you to play up to a hundred, or sometimes even more, tickets at once. Whilst buying more tickets will of course increase your chances of winning, you don’t want to overdo it. Build yourself up gradually, starting with just one or two tickets and then maybe trying your luck with three or four. Playing too many tickets at once may in fact decrease your chances of winning, as it may lead to you falling behind on which numbers have been called already, and which haven’t.

Think about when to play

By opting to play at peak times, such as weekends and evenings, you decrease your likelihood of winning because there is, of course, going to be more competition. Whilst playing at off peak times can be inconvenient, it’s a great way to improve your chances of winning if that’s your main goal. Generally speaking, off peak times are typically in the morning, and early afternoons on weekdays. It is also possible to find smaller bingo sites that are less popular and thus quieter all the time, although do bear in mind that they may be less popular for a good reason.

Make the most of chat rooms

Most online bingo sites have chat rooms, and these are a great online space for you to meet other bingo players. Not only are a lot of tips and tricks shared in bingo chat rooms, but it also makes the entire experience much more sociable and enjoyable.

Choose tickets with more median numbers

It can be very difficult to understand the odds of bingo, and there are many varying theories on how to increase your chances of success. Whilst the Tippett theory has never been solidly proven, it is a theory supported by many bingo enthusiasts. It is based on the “perfect average” and suggests that within a game of bingo, as more numbers are called, the more these numbers will lean towards the middle. In a game where the numbers range from 1-99, the median number would be 45.

This theory may sound confusing, but it can be simplified. An easy way to understand this theory is to think about it in terms of two piles of bingo balls. In this first pile is all the winning bingo balls, and in the other pile is all those balls which remain in the cage. Now, the middle value of those winning balls could be anything, but it is likely to be either much greater or much lower than 45, which is the median of 1-99. The range of the numbers in the winning ball pile will probably be much narrower than 99, except for if either 1 or 99 had been drawn, which in itself is quite unlikely.

More and more balls are taken from the cage as the game progresses, and as such the winning pile will become more similar to the pile which still remains within the cage. As the two piles begin to even out, the exact same pile that was initially in the cage is regained, and if every ball is pulled out before there is a winner, then the pile of balls at the beginning of the game, and at the end of the game, would be identical. This means that as a game of bingo goes on, these two piles are becoming increasingly similar, in turn meaning that the median will also become closer to that “perfect average” once more.

The recent surge in bingo’s popularity is hardly very surprising. It’s a really fun and easy-going game that anybody can get on board with. Following these tips should help you to get the very most out of bingo, whilst also maximising your chances of winning and staying safe at the same time.