Most activities that we carry out today involve trash. Rubbish collection is, therefore, an activity that is part and parcel of us. There are many companies that are involved in rubbish removal, recycling and eradication of the trash. Such a company is Clearabee. Rubbish removal in London is an activity which has helped in the nation’s cleanliness. Rubbish is caused by different events in day to day life and should be collected because of many different reasons.

Importance of Rubbish Collection

Proper rubbish collection prevents pollution in London. Rubbish removal in London is therefore an important activity. Certain types of rubbish can be hazardous and can lead to contamination of the environment. There are certain rules and regulations that govern rubbish removal in London. Adherence to the rules prevents environmental contamination and pollution.

Environmental Health

Rubbish removal in London safeguards the environment. Hazardous waste if not properly disposed can leak and contaminate the soil and water, which leads to environmental issues. Disposing of the wrong types of waste through burning can emit gases to the atmosphere. Clearabee, a waste collection company in London, knows how to handle all the rubbish they remove from people’s households. We do not dispose off rubbish in a way that is harmful to the environment. When disposing rubbish, we use special liners to prevent toxic chemicals from leaking out and any methane related rubbish is safely contained. Rubbish collection prevents putting the environment into harm.

Public Health

Rubbish collection prevents harming the public’s health. When rubbish is properly collected and disposed of, it prevents pollution. Air which is polluted makes people prone to respiratory diseases. Rubbish that is disposed of well has very low chances of getting in the water supply and causing illness. At Clearabee, we pay attention to the public’s health and collect all rubbish instantly and dispose it in a way that the public will not be affected.

Rubbish Disposal Methods


Waste can be disposed in many different ways. Recycling purposes to change the waste into products of their own genre through industrial processing. Materials like paper, glass, aluminum and plastics are commonly recycled. Recycling saves on costs and reduces accumulation of waste in garbage bins.


In incineration, rubbish is combusted to change them to base components. The generated heat is trapped so that it can derive energy. Common products of the combustion are inert ashes and assorted gases. Burning of waste is not expensive and can be used to dispose a large percentage of rubbish. Hazardous and toxic wastes can be easily gotten rid of by using this method. The energy trapped from burning can be used to cook, heat, and supplying power to turbines.


In composting, organic wastes are decomposed by microbes. The microbes allow the waste to be accumulated in a put for a long period. The result from composition can be used as plant manure. The process is, however, slow and is land consuming. Biological reprocessing tremendously improves soil fertility.


Clearabee is a company that deals with rubbish removal in London. We instantly get rid of waste on the same day in an organized manner. Our staff is made of friendly and professional people who know how to deal with our clients. We put our clients’ needs and interests at the front by responding instantly to orders. You can reserve our services in our website and we will be there at the needed time.

Rubbish removal in London is an important activity which has been made possible by companies like Clearabee. Rubbish removal prevents health and environmental problems. There are many waste disposal methods. Some include combustion, composition and recycling. Clearabee deals with rubbish removal and is very professional and friendly.