How to Change a Vacuum Bag

Changing a vacuum cleaner bag can be a bit overwhelming, if it isn’t a job that someone has done recently or ever before. There are many types of vacuums, and the last thing anyone wants to do is to accidentally ruin the vacuum in the process.

Thankfully changing vacuum cleaner bags is a quick and easy chore, no matter what kind of vacuum it is. Here is a guide on how to change vacuum bags for canister vacuums, handheld vacuums, and also a typical vacuum cleaner. 

Canister Vacuums

These are newer and bigger, so they may look the most intimidating, but it’s an easy process. At the base of the house, there will be a small lever that when pulled will open the vacuum cleaner. Once the lever is loose, it is easy to pull open the vacuum cleaner, exposing the bag. Since this type of vacuum cleaner uses disposable bags, all that one has to do is remove the bag and throw it in the trash. Once disposed of, get a new garbage bag and connect it to the vacuum cleaner. It should be a perfect fit. Close the lid again and make sure it clicks, then the vacuum cleaner is ready to be used again.

Handheld Vacuums

For a handheld vacuum cleaner, there should be a clip that will unlock the handle from the rest of the vacuum cleaner. This should open up to the bag, and from here it’ll be easy to open up the remaining. These bags are reusable, so empty it into the wastebasket before putting it back into the vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to wash the bag in water, without soup, every couple of times when it needs to be emptied. It is possible to purchase new bags, but emptying and washing it regularly will help save money.

Traditional Vacuums

This method is similar to the others. There are lots of different brands of traditional vacuums, some better than others, but for the most part, they all will be emptied the same way. The vacuum cleaners will either come with reusable or disposable bags. Both methods are similar. There will be a latch that will open the vacuum cleaner and the back can be removed. If it is reusable, it should be dumped into the garbage, washed, and then put back into the vacuum cleaner. If the bag is disposable, it should be taken out of the vacuum, sealed, and thrown away. The new bag should be placed in the vacuum cleaner, and it should be closed until it clicks. Then the vacuum cleaner will be ready to be used again.

It’s important to change the vacuum bag whenever it is full, this helps to prolong the life of the vacuum cleaner. If the bag is allowed to get full and the vacuum is still running, then it will wear it out. It is important to remember that vacuum cleaner bag will need frequent replacement if pets are around the house.